Sources and Links

Austin Kleon

Below are some ideas you can use to create erasure poetry:

Wave Poetry 
This is the site I started out with. It is easy to use and offers enough literature to get your creative juices flowing.

Old Books
Use any old expired copyright books. Use random pages of a variety of books or use a whole book to create a book of your own erasure poetry.

Newspaper Clippings
I must admit that I have used newspaper clippings but please be aware that there are laws set in place (see links below). If you are going use newspaper clippings then I would suggest you black out as much of the article as possible so that it is unrecognisable, however do so at your own risk as I don’t know if this is legal. And of course, always do your own research.

Some Useful Links

Steal Like an Artist – Austin Kleon
A Quarter After Eight
Erasing Infinite

Found Poetry, Fair Use and Free Text – The Writing Bug
Copyright Expiration in Australia
National Library of Australia – How Long Does Copyright Last?
Copyright – The United States Copyright Office
Copyright Expiration Law – Legal Zoom
Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States






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